Volunteers narrate

The Staff, the soul of our undertaking

The true strength of Smile Project in the World stems from the diversity of its members. Surgeons, nurses, anaesthetist, instrument nurses and other professional figures are organized in well coordinated teams.

Thus they render the activity totally autonomous in any country and in any situation.
Besides, the organization of a Logistics Office, of a Communication Office, and of activities supported by entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries, secretaries, typographers and journalists allows us to coordinate the service without ever improvising and without depending on external structures.

Everyone offers their own expertise and a little slice of their time. Even the artistic talent of a graphic designer and photographers has creatively conveyed the values and effort of the Association.

All the services and activities are realized on a voluntary basis. This permits the Association to conduct surgical procedures at very low costs: 150 euros per procedure.

The testimonies of our volunteers