Guido Harari

Guido Harari is one of the main Italian portraitists.

He signed diverse sleeves of albums for artists like Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, BB King, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Franz Zappa, Claudio Baglioni, Paolo Conte, Pino Daniele, Fabrizione de André, Vasco Rossi. Guido realises books and exhibitions and works since years in the fields of reportage, of institutional portrait and of advertising.

During the mission in Bangladesh in 2002, together with the medical team of Smile Project in the World, he realised a photographic reportage at the Hospital Saint Mary Sick Assistance Centre of Khulna.

His images, together with the texts written by the journalist Stefania Ragusa, gave life to the book “Khulna Bangladesh”, dedicated to the project of the Association.

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