Alberto Peroli

Born in Bra (CN) in 1976, since the school years he began his apprenticeship by following his father, professional photographer.

In 1998 he moved to Milan, where he worked as a freelance photographic assistant, with renowned specialists like Giovanni Gastel, Sergio Caminata, Emilio Casi, Marino Parisotto Vay, Raoul Zini e Joe Oppedisano.
Alberto alternated his work in the studio with many trips to Iceland, United States, Germany, France, Austria, Arab Emirates, North Africa, Seychelles.

In 2001 he met Guido Harari and became his assistant. A year later he participated, together with Harari, in a trip to Bangladesh. Thus began his collaboration with the surgeon Andrea Di Francesco, president of Smile Project in the World NPO.

In 2003 he returned to Bangladesh to realise his first photographic reportage at the Saint Mary Sick Assistance Centre of Khulna. This experience touched him deeply and marked for him a stylistic evolution favoured by the intense collaboration with the international Association Smile Project in the World NPO.

In 2004 he collaborated with Slow Food Editor, for which he realised diverse photographic services dedicated to the culture of food.
In December of the same year, given the yearly presentation of the activity of Smile Project in the World NPO, his images on Bangladesh were shown in Milan. The pictures were later published in the catalogue “So close… So distant”.

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